Sea Services Leadership Association

SSLA Rising Star Award

(5 midshipmen/OIT candidates)

1. Award Criteria

The SSLA Rising Star Award recognizes five female Midshipman and/or Officer-In-Training candidates (USN/USCG/USMC) who will graduate and commission in 2024, are top performers and have demonstrated superior leadership through academic accomplishments, leadership, athletics/extracurricular activities and community involvement.

  • There shall only be ONE nominee per university/ROTC or OIT Unit.
  • Academic Achievement: Must have a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Performance: Nominees should be those that have demonstrated sustained exceptional performance in her athletic, academic, community and/or extracurricular roles.
  • Leadership: Nominees should be those who have demonstrated exceptional leadership through the organization, motivation and the development (personal or professional) of others to accomplish goals and tasks, while providing examples of an inspirational, innovative, and imaginative leadership style.
  • Community Engagement: Nominees should be those that have demonstrated the ability to serve as role models and ambassadors and make a positive impact through action through contributions within their unit to their university, the local community and/or their future uniformed service.
Nomination deadline is March 15, 2024. Nomination should be submitted to

2. Nomination Process

Candidates shall be nominated and endorsed by their commanding officer (CO), officer-in-charge (OIC), or first O-6/GS-15 in the chain of command (department head level).

Nomination packages shall include the following:

  1. CO or OIC endorsement, to include the command point of contact name, e-mail address and phone number.
  2. Nomination write-up shall not exceed two pages in length. If nominations are received that exceed the prescribed length, only the first two pages will be graded.
  3. The biography of the nominee shall not exceed one page in length; please include candidate’s phone number and email address.
  4. A high resolution headshot of the candidate in uniform. The provided image will only be used for recognition purposes of awardees, and not used in any part of the candidate’s evaluation process.

3. Deadline

Nomination deadline is March 15, 2024. Nomination should be submitted to

4. Topics of Consideration in Nomination

  1. Describe the nominee’s leadership skills and abilities. Include positions held & significant achievements.
  2. Please outline the nominee’s sustained community involvement, volunteer activities and her sustained investments in the uniformed services community (i.e. list projects and/or organizations where the nominee has served and the amount of volunteer time dedicated). Include any relevant media recognition or list of awards.
  3. Describe how the nominee serves as an inspiration and role model, empowering others within her sphere of influence.
  4. Describe how this nominee has demonstrated notable leadership in all facets of Midshipman/Officer-In-Training life (i.e. athletics, extracurricular activities, classroom, community, etc).
  5. Please provide any additional facts or considerations the reviewing awards panel should know that are relevant to the nomination.
Award selections will be communicated to appropriate COs or OICs/chain of command no later than 15 April 2023. Extensions will not be granted. Nominations missing any of the items listed in paragraph 2 will not be accepted. Submit nomination packages via e-mail to Nominations shall be unclassified and shall NOT include any personally identifiable information in any part of the nomination package.

5. Notification

Notification will occur April 15, 2024.

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