Joint Women’s Leadership Symposium (JWLS)

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About JWLS

Stronger by Helping Each Other

The theme of this year’s SSLA JWLS is ‘Stronger by Helping Each Other.’ Learning how to be a positive force for our teammates is vital, and when we commit to helping each other, we improve and strengthen our organizations while growing and developing ourselves. JWLS 2022 marks 33 years of gatherings, connecting leaders so we can be stronger, together!

JWLS Impact

In 2018, over 83 percent of the participants agreed that JWLS impacted their attitudes towards continuing their military service.

"Before attending JWLS I was struggling with my place within my organization and if I wanted to continue my service. After attending and hearing what some of these powerful, successful women had to say, it reminded me of my purpose and why I joined in the first place."

JWLS 2018 Attendee

Highlights from JWLS 2019

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JWLS 2022 Registration

JWLS registration procedures will vary between services. Some services offer paid registration to their service members. To determine if you are eligible please follow your service-specific guidance to register for the symposium. Registrations not properly coordinated with your service representative could result in out-of-pocket expenses. Service Reps are as follows: