Sea Services Leadership Association

President’s Letter

President in UniformDear Members, 

It is my honor to serve you as President of your Sea Services Leadership Association. Please, take some time exploring the biographies of each member of your Board of Directors.  We are all volunteers, and many of us are new.  We came to these positions likely for similar reasons that you came to find yourself reading this letter:  We believe that we are stronger when we learn from, and help, each other. We believe in the mission, the vision, and the motto of SSLA: Mentor, inspire, lead.  We want to empower women in the uniformed sea services: the Navy, the Marine Corps, the Coast Guard, and NOAA.  Once a year, at a Joint Women’s Leadership Symposium, we also want to invite leaders in our sister services to join us: the Army, the Air Force, and the Space Force. Of course, the strength of our uniformed services comes from our teamwork.  Only when we all work together to help each other–men, women, and those transitioning–do we get stronger as a service, and as a country.

Work with us today!  Supporting others, you strengthen yourself.  Volunteer to start or support a local chapter by contacting our VP of Task Forces.  Offer your talents on a team by contacting our VP of Membership.  Get involved in the planning and execution of SSLA JWLS 2022 by contacting our SSLA JWLS Chair.  Contact your SSLA BOD service rep with ideas specific to you!  Learn from us and let us learn from you.  The only way our diversity is going to make us stronger is if we use it to empower the team.

Proud to serve as your SSLA president,


Emily Bassett
Sea Services Leadership Association (SSLA)

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