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SSLA Panel at Surface Navy Association Symposium Shares History, Hopes, Heroes and Hurts

SSLA Press Release Media Contact: Laura Stegherr,

Washington, DC (February 9, 2022) – The Sea Services Leadership Association (SSLA) recently hosted a leadership panel at the Surface Navy Association (SNA) Symposium in Washington, DC January 13. SSLA President Capt. Emily Bassett moderated a panel of Navy leaders across the spectrum as they shared personal stories of heartache, happiness, setbacks and successes.  

During the session, retired Vice Adm. Mary Jackson introduced the panel, the participants and the purpose, and each shared authentic life and leadership stories for all of us to learn from.
“The goal of the panel was to inspire YOU, our audience, to start your own authentic conversations in your workplace,” said Bassett. “And not just inspire you to want to do it, but give you concrete examples of HOW to do it.  These panelists showed us how it’s done, by personal example.” 
Three panelists participated in the panel virtually, including Navy Rear Adm. Yvette Davids, chief of staff of U.S. Special Operations Command and former commander, Carrier Strike Group Eleven; Navy Capt. Rob Francis, commodore, Destroyer Squadron Fifty and former commanding officer of USS Lassen (DDG 82) and former reactor officer of USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76); and Navy Cmdr. Alexa Jenkins, executive officer of USS Carney (DDG 64) and former SSLA president.
Three panelists participated in person, including Navy Capt. (retired) Roy Love, president of the Association of Naval Services Officers (ANSO); Navy Capt. Jean Marie Sullivan, division dhief, Joint Staff, Deputy Director Global Operations; and Navy Command Master Chief Jeanette Hafer, Navy Leadership and Ethics Center (NLEC) and former command master chief of USS Arleigh Burke (DDG 51).
Panelists participate in the SSLA SNA panel Jan. 13.

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