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2020 SSLA Virtual Leadership Series – August 10-December 21, 2020

Produced by the Sea Services Leadership Association

This series is a collection of twelve webinars, taking place August 10 – December 21, providing professional development for military servicewomen and veterans virtually. SSLA hopes that this virtual series will make it possible for even more military women to benefit from their programs.

Please view the agenda below including webinar dates, times and descriptions. Regular updates will be posted on this page and the Sea Services Leadership Association’s social media channels.






August 10

12:00 PM PST

Meet the SSLA Board

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August 17

10:00 AM PST

Resilience in the Face of Toxic Leadership -- Taking Care of Your People and Yourself

Evidence shows that toxic leadership has significant negative impact on organizations, but did you know that it has an even more sinister impact on individuals who are exposed to toxic leadership? It can change their behaviors on the job and in their personal lives. But what can we do about it when we find ourselves in a toxic leadership position? By exploring the characteristics of those who are most resilient in the face of toxic leadership we can find ways to protect ourselves, and more importantly, to take care of the people who trust in our leadership. Join Dr. Jan Hamby, Rear Admiral (Ret), USN, in a discussion about what you can do to be resilient in the face of toxic leadership.

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August 31

12:30 PM PST

Amazon Operations & Military Recruitment

This session will outline available Worldwide Operations leadership roles within Amazon, how their team of recruiters work, why Amazon values veterans and the ways they support their development and family-life. What skills are required for these roles at Amazon? How can one develop these skills in preparation of their transition? Hear from this group of panelists, including 2 female veterans who work in Worldwide Ops (WWOps) leadership roles, share their Amazon stories and how they successfully transitioned into these exciting careers.

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September 8

3:00 PM PST

Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Female Firsts

Service women have been breaking barriers for over 100 years. They have completed competitive trainings, became inspiring leaders and have fought for their place at the table. Hear the inspiring stories from the individuals who proved women can do anything and everything.

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September 14

9:00 AM PST

Continuing Your Service: Professional Opportunities in the Healthcare & Life Sciences

Looking to transition into the healthcare and life sciences industry? This session, provided by Johnson & Johnson, will give audience members a broad understanding of the functional role types and various opportunities available at Johnson & Johnson. Panelists will share their journey into the healthcare space, and what has made them stay. Hear from these professionals about the biggest trends being seen in the industry today, how your professional skills can translate into the field, and how to grow within these roles.

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October 12

12:00 PM PST

10 Military Money Mistakes

Are you making money mistakes or missing out on opportunities? Some mistakes are just part of life, but others can be avoided. USAA Certified Financial Planner JJ Montanaro shares his list of “10 Military Money Mistakes” and demonstrates how avoiding them can put you on the path to financial security.

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October 19

1:00 PM PST

Making the Successful Transition: Female Veterans in Corporate America

This session will educate attendees on successful best practices for those interested in a successful transition to and growth within private sector employment. Hear from this panel of speakers about their transition story, the biggest changes they've faced after the military, and functional focus areas they recommend for someone transitioning. Attendees will learn how to position themselves during their job search and how to ensure a competitive advantage.

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October 26

10:00 AM PST

The Untold Story

The value of a veteran and women out front: why you must tell your story and how. In this session, Marjorie Eastman, author, speaker and two-time combat tour U.S. Army veteran, will teach you how to communicate your unmatched currency. This is not about macro or micro skills. This cuts to the chase and goes right to the heart. You are part of The Frontline Generation.

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November 23

12:00 PM PST

Get a Grip on Investing

Investing can seem complex and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be! Join us for an overview of investing and investment accounts in clear and simple terms designed to help you start or make the most of the many investment opportunities that exist today.

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December 14

1:00 PM PST

DACOWITS: The Legacy of Successfully Advocating for Servicewomen Continues

During this session, General Janet Wolfenbarger, Chair of the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services (DACOWITS), will share a brief overview of the organization which was established in 1951. Hear about DACOWITS’ successes, and how they continue to positively impact policies for women serving in the military. Join this dynamic session and be a part of advocating for women in all Service branches of the military.

December 21

The Sky's the Limit

There is no limit for women when it comes to the skies. First Female Blue Angel Pilot Marine Corps Major Kate German-Cook and other women aviators will share their stories about being female firsts in the cockpit.

A special thank you to our amazing sponsors of the series who helped make this happen! For more information about these companies, please visit their websites below:

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