SSLA Vice President

Lieutenant Colonel Amanda (Mandy) M. H. Brannon, USMCR

Lieutenant Colonel Mandy M. H. Brannon is SSLA’s Vice President. Mandy is an experienced prior-enlisted Marine and logistics officer with operational and deployed experience at the Division, Marine Logistics Group in command and staff billets and senior level staff experience in the supporting establishment. Mandy transitioned from active duty after giving birth to her first son, and has been serving as a reserve officer supporting manpower military policy for over four years.

Mandy currently lives with her recently (military) retired husband, and two sons in Northern Virginia. Mandy’s educational and professional experience ranges from television production, retail, strategic visual communication, logistics, strategic manpower policy and business. She is currently MBA candidate at the University of Montana, and will soon combine her studies with a dual-masters in Communication when her family moves back to her home-state of Montana Summer 2022.

Mandy is thankful for the variety of opportunities and challenges that characterize her 25+ civilian and military career, encouraged by leaders and mentors from all corners of our Nation and world. Mandy strives to provide a positive example for both male and female Service Members across the span of their careers and lives seeking a human connection among all.

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