SSLA Vice President

Lieutenant Corinne Powers, USCG

LT Corinne Powers is the Executive Vice President of the SSLA Board of Directors. Her board responsibilities are comparable to those of an Executive Officer, responsible for the overall operations management, execution and support of the SSLA board, mission and vision. Corinne is also a JWLS Co-Chair for 2020 and 2021.

Corinne was enlisted for nine years and earned her officer commission through the US Coast Guard’s Pre-Commissioning Program for Enlisted Personnel (PPEP) and acceptance to OCS. She transferred to the Coast Guard Reserves upon acceptance to the Reserve Program Administrator Corps in 2016. Her current assignment is as the first Reserve Training Manager for the US Coast Guard, serving as the primary liaison between the CG Training System and the CG Reserve Component, as well as performance consultation, curriculum management and ‘C’ School Reserve Quota Course Management for 200+ advanced training courses.

She holds a Master of Science in Quality Systems Management from the National Graduate School, a certificate in Non-Profit Management from Duke University, and a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management from St. Joseph’s College, and will begin pursuit of the Naval War College JPME-2 certification and Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies in 2020.

Corinne’s involvement in SSLA is deeply routed to the significant impact that JWLS had on her career after attending her first symposium in 2008 as an E-5. She has been an active member of SSLA ever since and has served in various positions on the SSLA Board of Directors and 2018 JWLS Co-Chair. Her commitment to SSLA stems from a deep desire to advocate for and improve the overall experience, retention, diversity, equity and implementation of positive and inclusive policies for women across the uniformed services. She is married to a fellow Coastie and has three rescue dogs, and spends her free time singing, learning guitar and ukulele and entertaining friends with the latest creations from her kitchen.

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