Sea Services Leadership Association


Lieutenant Laura Rayburn, USCG

LT Rayburn Secretary

Lieutenant Laura Rayburn, U.S. Coast Guard, serves as SSLA’s Secretary. In this role, she is responsible for maintaining records of official business and ensuring documents are retained, organized, and available as needed.

Laura joined the Coast Guard in 2009, spending six years as an enlisted member before earning a commission via Officer Candidate School in 2015. Since then, she has primarily worked as a marine inspector, engaging directly with the commercial maritime community to ensure international safety and security requirements are maintained at sea. She is currently assigned to the University of Texas where she is in the process of earning an MBA degree as part of the USCG Financial Management Post-Grad program.

As a prior enlisted officer, Laura understands the value of deckplate leadership and aims to make this a central part of her service. After attending her first SSLA Joint Women’s Leadership Symposium in 2019, she came away with a renewed interest in making the military a more welcoming place for women to serve their country and maintains that as a primary motivation today.

In addition to her current studies, Laura also holds a Bachelor of Science in Biological Science from Mississippi State University. Her hobbies include reading and writing, trying new foods and recipes, engaging in all manner of outdoor activities, and cheering for her beloved Mississippi State Bulldogs.

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