Sea Services Leadership Association

SSLA Secretary

Yeoman Second Class Yazmin McZorn-Hines, USNR

Yeoman Second Class Yazmin McZorn-Hines is currently serving as the Secretary of the SSLA Board. Her responsibilities include keeping a record of the monthly minutes, and organizing and improving the retention of critical documents.

Yazmin joined the United States Navy as a Reservist the Summer of 2018, and has served as a public health programing professional in an array of capacities in the civilian sector. 

Yazmin comes from a big service family, with over 35 years of USN and USMC service among her father, mother, and two uncles alone. Her passions lie in improving the spectrum of wellness, resiliency, and sustainability in her community, and a fervor to grow in service capability. 

Yazmin holds a Bachelor of Science in Community Health from the State University of New York at Cortland. Yazmin’s hobbies include gardening, cooking/discovering local foodie spots, singing, and curating creative spaces through interior design. 

Connect with her at:

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