Sea Services Leadership Association

President Emeritus

Captain Emily Bassett, USN

President in Uniform

Captain Emily Bassett is a lifelong member of SSLA, ever since she was a guest speaker at JWLS in Norfolk, VA in 2014, where she shared the story of her experiences moderating Lean In Circles with Senior military women.

She started Lean In circles Norfolk, VA, San Diego, CA and Newport, RI. Since COVID, she has expanded the reach of these professional development circles to include Senior Enlisted and Navy support civilians, on Zoom sessions monthly. She is the founder of Lean On Navy (

Emily is a Surface Warfare Officer and a Nuclear Engineer. She commanded USS Manchester (LCS 14) and most recently served as the Reactor Officer of USS Gerald R Ford (CVN 78). She is currently the Force Nuclear Propulsion Officer for COMNAVAIRPAC in Bremerton, WA.

Emily’s educational background is in Classical Civilizations, commissioning from Boston University’s NROTC program in 1999. She has a Master’s degree in Engineering Management from Old Dominion University. As an Olmsted Scholar, she a earned a Master’s degree in Hispanic Studies, taught in Spanish, from the University of Cadiz in Spain.

She is currently stationed in her home town of Seattle, Washington and is married to Will Bassett, a retired P-3 Orion pilot, and together they have two children, ages 10 and 12. Enjoying the benefits of shore duty, Emily serves on several boards including the Surface Navy Association, her church’s Parish Council and her children’s school Parent Advisory Board.

Connect with her at

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