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I attended the 2011 SSLA conference in San Diego, CA. Through the vast amount of ladies that were also in attendance, I was able to network with a LCDR who mentored me though the STA-21 process. Her direct leadership and guidance inevitably led to my selection this year; there aren’t enough words to express how grateful I am that our paths crossed at this amazing conference. That LCDR is now going to be my Re-enlisting Officer. I was PTS denied and on my last day in the Navy before starting terminal leave, the STA-21 results posted! I wouldn’t still be in the Navy if I hadn’t been selected! Thank you!

SSLA is a member of the Navy & Marine Corps Council which advises the Secretary of the Navy on issues affecting Navy & Marine Corps personnel and their families. SSLA is also a member of the Coast Guard Affinity Group Council.

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Our organization brings together service members, decision makers, policy influencers and thought leaders to address global challenges to encourage and strengthen the leadership development within the services – we boast the largest gathering worldwide of service women in the U.S, through our Joint Annual Women’s Leadership Symposium!

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