USCG Board of Directors Representative

Commander Nan Silverman-Wise, USCG

Nan Silverman-Wise is a career Reservist with the Coast Guard and a senior project manager with the Department of Energy. As SSLA’s Coast Guard Representative, Nan brings more than 20 years of leadership experience as a project manager and professional leader, ensuring that personnel coming up the professional ranks have the tools they need to be successful. She also works with teammates and clients as a facilitator, strategist, coach, and often times, as a personal mentor.

No matter which hat she’s wearing, her professional outlook is to inspire organizations and future leaders to come together and perform as highly functioning teams. She understands personnel and resources, sees both the work and the people as important, actively listens to what people say, and trusts her intuition to identify individuals’ strengths that allow all to be valuable contributors.

Throughout her dual careers, Nan worked a wide range of missions across many organizations — from marine safety to defense readiness in the Coast Guard and from process development to team building in her civilian life. She commanded Coast Guard Port Security Unit 308 in Kiln, Mississippi with Reserve and Active Duty staff from 10 states and is currently leading a Joint Service Reserve team at U.S. Southern Command in Doral, Florida. Nan holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Engineering Management from Stevens Institute of Technology and a Master of Arts in Emergency and Disaster Management from American Military University. When she’s not working and inspiring others to perform, Nan enjoys spending time with her husband exploring new cities, towns and waterways.

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