SSLA Vice President for Chapters

Operational Specialist 1st Class Kendall Slaughter, USN

Petty Officer First Class Kendall Slaughter is the Task Force Liaison on the SSLA Board. Her responsibilities include serving as an active advocate and ambassador for SSLA’s mission as well as providing counsel, encouragement, and insight regarding starting a regional Task Force for SSLA.

Kendall has 11 years in the U.S Navy and has served in various sea and shore billets. She is currently a Littoral Combat Ship instructor at Center for Surface Combat Systems LCS Training Facility in Mayport, Fl. 

Kendall is passionate about creating mentoring and networking opportunities around the world. She is a champion for service members lifting each other up and loves to connect people.

Kendall holds an Associates of Arts in General Education from Central Texas College and is currently working on her Bachelor of Science in Project Management at Colorado State University. Kendall’s hobbies include working out, Brazilian Jujitsu, reading, horseback riding, and spending time with her two dogs.

Connect with her at:

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