Sea Services Leadership Association


Lieutenant Commander Phuong Liu, USN retired

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 Lt. Cdr. Phuong Lui (U.S. Navy, retired) serves as SSLA’s Treasurer. 

Phuong is a retired Naval Surface Warfare officer hailing originally from Saigon Vietnam.  After growing up in southwestern Virginia, she went to Virginia Tech for one year before enlisting in the Navy as an Electrician’s Mate.  She spent 14 months in the Navy nuclear training pipeline before joining Virginia Tech NROTC and earning her commission.  She spent the next two decades serving in different operational and engineering roles on a cruiser, destroyer, and aircraft carriers.  

Retiring from the Navy after a 20 year career, she focused on a post graduate career at University of California, Los Angeles, completing a Master’s in Business Administration from UCLA Anderson.

Phuong is now a cybersecurity data analyst in Bremerton WA, assisting Puget Sound Naval Shipyard with network certification efforts. 

Connect with her at:

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