Sea Services Leadership Association

SSLA Awards Coordinator

Senior Chief Information Systems Technician Sydny Moat, USN

ITCS Sydny Moat is the Vice President of Awards on the SSLA Board.  She is overall responsible for the SSLA awards program, including the National Rising Star Award, which recognizes outstanding graduating ROTC members from the across the country. She serves as the liaison and coordinator for presentation of the Armed Services annual leadership awards that are presented at the SSLA JWLS event each year.

Sydny has just under 17 years in the Navy. She has served in various billets across Surface, Aviation, Expeditionary and Information Warfare platforms. She is currently serving as the Training Manger for Fleet Cyber Command’s Office of Compliance and Assessment in Suffolk, VA. She will be transferring this fall to Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron 14 in Norfolk, VA.

Sydny is described as a “Sailor’s Sailor.” She is passionate about mentorship and helping Sailors in their career paths, she feels very strongly that Sailors, and all members of the military, need to know how to find and use their resources. Since first attending JWLS in 2019, Sydny has been actively involved in SSLA and served as the Navy representative to SSLA for planning JWLS 2020.

Sydny holds a Master of Science degree in Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigation from University of Maryland Global Campus. Additionally, she recently attained her Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification. Sydny has been married to her husband, Jesse, also active duty Navy, for 14 years.  Together they share a daughter, Oakley, and have a dog named Crux.

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