Sea Services Leadership Association

President Emeritus

Colonel Jenny Storm

Colonel Jenny Storm
Colonel Jenny Storm currently serves as the President Ex-Officio after having served in various board positions for over a decade. After being inspired and motivated at the Joint Women’s Leadership Symposium in 2005, she has been passionate about mentoring and developing female leaders in the military, encouraging them to be genuine in their leadership rather than attempting to conform to others’ ideas of what a military leader should look like.

Jenny has served in the Marine Corps since 1999, both in the reserve and active component. She has enjoyed a diverse and challenging career that includes deployments during OIF as a financial manager, leadership and staff roles in the logistics field, and most recently, exciting opportunities at Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command and now at Marine Corps Forces Space Command as the first deputy commander for this new unit.

Jenny holds three masters degrees in Business, Acquisitions and Contract Management, and Leadership. In her free time, she enjoys outdoor activities and new adventures with her three children and fiancé.

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